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مرور :: ادبیات - key / mitra davar/Sharareh sharifian
شنبه, ۰۲ شهریور ۱۳۹۸

اخبار فرهنگی ایسنا


فرهنگی و هنری > ادبیات و کتاب

 key / mitra davar/Sharareh sharifian


As I went further, there was a layout of locks and keys. Rusty , black keys  and locks. I picked up one of the rusty locks. The salesman took it off my hand

I asked: where is the lock for?

He said: why do you ask?

Few steps further hanging on the wall was a big key and nearby a large window full of door eyes and all kinds of key, a door lock, a safe lock for the top and a door eye, plus a chain, most chains were yellow or white  at  most 20 or 30 centimeters. Few chains also were hanged in front of the door. Wide and thick ones. Of course none of them in my opinion could secure a house.

A tall man standing there said: can I  help  you?

I said: I want to change my flat’s lock.

A thin man with sunken cheeks was cutting the keys. The sound of cutting machine resonated…….

How resemblance was the thin man to Mr. Balouchian.

I went forward said hello. He glanced at me as if he does not know me. He was very like Mr. Balouchian. Specially his hands. Just when last night the key broke in the keyway and I said I will bring a key maker. He had said: no miss why bothering yourself?

He had a bag of keys. Tried them one by one out of the bag. At last one of them unlocked the door………. or may be I was wrong……..

I said: sorry! You are so like one of our neighbors……

My voice was lost in the noise of cutting machine.

I shouted loudly: you are like…..

The tall man bopped my shoe with his foot, do not bother yourself miss! This man hears nothing…..come here please! We have an exhibition of keys and locks.

As I went ahead the smell of rusted metals  became stronger. I turned toward entrance, I saw nothing but darkness.

I said: the entrance!

The tall man said: don’t worries miss! Here is a trusty key maker.

I asked: where is the end?

He answered: not too much.

We got to  a place full of keys. Some with thousands of year’s history behind them. A cold wind shacked the keys. The voice of playing keys to one another echoed in corridor.

I said: one of the keys……..

He said: which one?

I said: one in switch form….also its lock …..

He was waiting for  me to choose one. I showed one with my hand.

He said: pick one.  Sure it is not cemetery’s key!

I laid a hand, took one yellow key.

He said: o.k. better now go  to your flat together, I will prepare a lock as well. Where is your address?

I said: don’t bother!

He said: it’s nothing.

I said: I will fix it myself.

He said: you are not a key maker. Or maybe you are? Ha?

When we reached the  entrance, the tall man said to key maker: she was so scared as if I was going to give her the cemetery key.

Key maker raised his head

I said: this man!

Key maker stared in my eyes and laughed.

Here you are miss.

I said: don’t bother.

He said: then why are you roaming here? I will make it for you in one minute.

We passed through keys, locks, bolts and bars layout.

Again the rusty lock took my glance.

The key maker asked: are you in antique business?

I said: no

He said: your eyes searching over antique keys…

I stand few minutes near layout.

He said: do you have any antiques?


We came out of stall. Hearing his footsteps behind me.

He said: what do you have in home that you are changing the lock?

I said: the key was broken.

He said:

You could change the key only. you  didn’t say what you have there?

_nothing. Just odds and ends  Couple of pans, few bed clothing, a rug , few books

_ just these?

_ just.

_ certainly the rug is worthy!

_ No it’s not. Just because I have wolven  it myself.

_ What about books?

_ They are all about carpets pattern’s and designs

_ Don’t worry, I will make you such a safe lock………



Mr. Balouchian also  treathed friendly. Of course I have never seen any of my things missed. But just his glance over the rug. The rug perhaps had no value, a secondhand dealer may not even buy it for 10000 tomans. Once, a dealer  had  come for my broken bed and closet, had asked for the rug, just randomly I said: what you suggest? He said: 10000 tomans. Unbelievable. My life was tied to the rug. Whenever I felt gloomy I dreamed the rug colorless. Whenever I was cheery I dreamed the rug colorful. I always flat my mattress on the rug. I intentionally sold my bed, to sleep on the rug.


We climbed the stairs. When reached the door, he said let me see .

With a forth side screwdriver, he unlocked the door. Fixed the new lock. Tried the new key in keyway few times. The door opened.

I still standing in staircase.

I said: thanks very much.

He was looking at himself in the mirror hanging in front of the door. Then came in. looked at the rug. Said: this, you were worrying for?


I just remembered my last night dream: The flat’s door was open. It was like there was a party.An old man was gathering the rug. And was happy nothing for worrying for. By not having the rug every thing was ended calmly and it feels very good. Especially that I knew Mr. Balouchian had key to my flat and his eyes on the rug.


He said: what’s wrong? Why scared? I am not Azrael?

I said: how much is the cost?

Said: nothing

I said: impossible

As walking on the rug by shoes, he said: of course the rug’s pattern is interesting. I haven’t seen woman’s face on any rug before. Which…….

Key maker was lounged on armchair, like he knows me for years. Those many questions ha asked and the thought that he could make a key to my flat for himself …….

I said: how much?

_ You are welcome. Just if a cup of tea.

Then laughed loudly. He looked like the man came up the staircase hidden last week.

It was charshanbeh soury (1). Neighbors had lit such a fire. Electricity also was gone. I knew a lot of theft occurred nights like this. Enough was, if I just went downstairs for a second. Who’s who? In the darkness…..Whatever I didn’t go.

While clamping two spoons together, said: what do you have to fill my bag with?

He had also eyes for the rug.

Said: by the way! Have you ever think why a key maker should leave his stall this easy and come for a thing like……….

I said: this is your job. After all, you insisted yourself.

_ My job is selling lock and key. Not going  to alleys and streets easily.

_ thanks for bothering. How much is the cost?

_ not understand yet. Look at me carefully, maybe can remember. Do you know! You also made the same mistake. You should not open the door on strangers. Sure I am not a stranger. If look carefully, you will remember me..

I stared  at his face.

Said: not remember?

I said: all men are alike.

Said: really?

I said: how much is the cost?

_ You are welcome …. . Indeed what you want for those rusty locks and keys?

_ My eyes fell on them in random choice.

Sooo randomly!

Do you know what a precious key is that? That is for one of the biggest carpet treasures in Iran……. I will buy this rug.

_ Not for sale.

_ How much?

_ Not for sale.

_ You didn’t explain how you designed the rug’s pattern? Besides this threadbare rug has nothing to scare for.

_ But I am a  buyer.

_ Not for sale. How much is the cost?

_ Be my guest!

I put my shoes in front of the door keeping it open. Then went to the bedroom, brought a few notes from my wallet, put it on the table, stood in the door, I said take the cost.

Still sitting on the armchair said: why not saying the price of the rug?

I said: Mr. I have work  to do. Please go, otherwise…..

_ What would you do then?

I glanced at Mr. Balouchian,s  flats’ door. Maybe he was home and was watching everything from door eye. Enough I shout. Most of times not even need to shout, he was there to help me. It was just last night when the key broke in the key way. He jumped out and brought the broken  key out. And then that bag full of keys…..

He got up from the chair. Stood chest to chest by me in front of the door, said: think thoroughly about it. I will come again later.

I said: good dreams.

_ Said: there would be someday you will be needed to pass by the cemetery!

I heard his footsteps  going away . His footprints on the rug. On strings that were corroded.





Sharareh sharifian

1, Nov, 2014

1393, 09, 10













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